Wait for 5 minutes after the payment is successfully done. If your mobile number is still not recharged then go to link support@buttonpay.in and register a complaint. We will respond to it as soon as possible.
Absolutely. You can recharge for your loved ones using the same account. You just need to know the mobile number to make a successful recharge.
Yes, you can recharge without selecting any loyalty rewards.
Though, we would like you to reap maximum benefit of the loyalty available and highly recommend to order coupons as well.
No, there is absolutely no extra charge for recharging. You will get same talk time what your mobile service provider offers you.
We do not charge you anything extra for the recharge in the name of service charges, convenience charges or any other term.


No, there is no charge for the coupons.You will not be charged anything apart from the recharge amount.
If you do not get e-coupons instantly to your inbox after a successful transaction please go to the link support@buttonpay.in and register your complaint.
Your e-coupons are delivered instantly to your inbox via email after a successful transaction.
You get e-coupons instantly after a successful transaction, which you can redeem at the respective merchant's website before expiry date. T&C apply as per respective merchant. See coupon details for more information.
Yes, these coupons are transferrable. You can give these coupons to your friends and relatives.
Your e-coupons are delivered instantly to your email after a successful transaction. If you do not receive them, please go to the link support@buttonpay.in and register your complaint.
Yes, you can do so by clicking ADD MORE button adjacent to the coupon.
Yes, you can give these coupons to any of your friends, relatives or colleagues. These coupons are transferable.
Our retail partners provide these exclusive coupons only when you recharge your mobile through Button Pay.in. Hence, we can provide you coupons equivalent to recharge done through Button Pay.in.


Absolutely. Atom technology is our payment gateway partner and the same system is used by most Indian e-commerce portals. All the transactions are executed securely and no critical information regarding your payment is ever accessible by any employee or third party.
There are four modes of flexi-payments
  • Debit/ATM card
  • Internet Banking facility
  • Credit Card
  • Cash Cards
Yes, you can use your Debit/ATM card for most of the Indian Banks.
CVV or CV2 code is a 3 digit number mentioned at the back of your card. This is meant for security purpose.
The 3D security code is like a password for online transactions through Credit/Debit cards. You can check you bank's site for details.
This is specially designed for the safe transaction. CVV no is the last 3 digits mentioned at the back side of your debit/credit card.
Please enter your correct Mobile number and email on the payment gateway details section as this is the number or email on which Refund details are sent by the Payment gateway in case a refund is done.


Just Login and go to My Account tab. Go to Profile tab under My Account. Here you can change your password or any detail for that matter pertaining to your account. Don't forget to SAVE changes.
Jut Login and go to My Account tab. Go to Profile tab under My Account. Here you can edit your account details. Don't forget to SAVE changes.
This is very simple. Just click on "Forgot password?" under Login Box right at the top of the website. This will ask you to provide your e-mail id registered with us. Your password will be e-mailed to you immediately.
Our registration process is very simple and short. Just click on "Sign up" present on right top corner of home page. Enter your name, postal address for coupon delivery, e-mail id and password for Button Pay account. Congratulations! You are registered.
This is just a one-time exercise and absolutely free. Details saved during registration will be saved for the future transaction.


If for some reason, your recharge is unsuccessful, we make a refund to your Button Pay Credits. Your money is absolutely safe, secure and available to you for future transactions on Buttonpay.in. What's more, you can also deposit cash in your Credits anytime to facilitate faster and easier recharging.
In case of an unsuccessful recharge where your payment has already gone through, we park your funds in your Credits. It's 100% safe and available for you to use anytime for future recharging.
You can use it anytime for any transaction (Mobile/DTH/Data card) on www.buttonpay.in
  • Check the funds available in your Credits first. You can use it to pay for a transaction where the amount payable is less than or equal to your Credits.
  • In case your total payable amount is more than the amount available in Credits, you can pay partially using Credits and the remaining using any other payment option
Just login and proceed with your recharge, you will see Pay using Credits listed as a payment option along with others, select it and continue to pay. If you have lesser Credits than what is needed to pay for the transaction, you only need to pay the remaining amount using another payment option.
Check your Credits under " My Account ".
It is, and we'll tell you why. Credits save your time! You don't have to enter your card or banking details, remember all those passwords. Just utilize what you've already spent. That's not all, it's 100% secure too.
Your Credits are safe and secure with us and you can keep it with us as long as you want to.
Your money against an unsuccessful recharge will reflect in Credits shortly. However, any deposit made to your Credits will be reflected instantly.
Not just yet. For now, we don't have the ability to refund your Credits into your original accounts (credit, debit or net banking). The funds available in Credits can be used for transactions on www.buttonpay.in only.

But Stay tuned, we're working on it!
In some rare cases, it takes your bank's online system longer than usual to respond.

But you needn't worry, your money is not lost and it will be reflected in your Credits if the payment was successful but the recharge failed, else the money would be reflected in your bank account the next day.

If you need more clarity, reach out to us at care@buttonpay.in.
Great question. The answer is yes! To top-up your Credits, just click here, add the desired amount, and proceed like you would for any other transaction. It's as simple as that!
Special deals are offers for which you get codes in your inbox if your recharge is successful. If you've selected a special deal and your recharge fails, you won't get the code and your entire amount for that transaction will be refunded to your Credits.


Button Pay.in is an online mobile recharge site which provides prepaid mobile recharge for most Indian telecom service providers including Vodafone, Airtel, Loop, Reliance, Idea, DOCOMO, Tata Indicom, Aircel, BSNL.
Button Pay is special because you, as a user, have the power to make the recharge free.
Your recharge is free as you get additional retail coupons, against every recharge, which can be redeemed at respective merchant's website or outlets. For example, if you recharged your mobile for Rs.100, you get coupons worth Rs.100 instantly via email.
  • Enter Mobile number and amount for recharge.
  • Choose coupons of equivalent amount.
  • Pay online to get recharge instantly.
  • Coupons will be delivered to your inbox instantly via email.
Please check your service provider's website.
You can contact us by going to link support@buttonpay.in and register your query. We promise you quick response.