About Refund policy

Buttonpay will process refund if payment is successful, and payment is credited to Buttonpay balance but user is not able to do recharge.

In case of error in data provided by user, Buttonpay will not responsible for any such refund. User have to enter correct mobile number, DTH number, Bill number or any other specific detail required for recharge/booking facilities has to be properly entered. No refund will initiated in case of Recharge and Bills Payment done to wrong account numbers.

How to process refund?

You can call us at our Customer care number 1800-102-8866 or write us on care@buttonpay.in your query in detail. We will try to resolve your query as early as possible.

Within how much time I get my refund?

Once we receive your call or email, we initiate your request instantly. It will take 4-5 working days to process the refund request. Once the refund is successfully done, you shall be notified about the same via registered care@buttonpay.in

Bill payment services

Description and Fees of Bill Payment Service: We provide you with bill payment services that enable you to make payments ("Bill Payment Services") to Billers. To be eligible to use the Bill Payment Services, you will need to provide us with your account information with Billers you choose (such as customer account number/ consumer identification number/code) and any information necessary for us to access your accounts with such Billers ("Bill Payment Account Information"). By using the Bill Payment Services, you expressly authorize us to store, use and access the Bill Payment Account Information, on your behalf for the purpose of providing Bill Payment Services to you. You may access information about your bill payment requests by logging into your Buttonpay Account.

Accuracy of Information: You understand and acknowledge that you are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide about each payment request made by you, including the Bill Payment Account Information, telephone number, the amount of the transaction, etc.

Scheduling your payments: Payment posting times will vary depending upon the Biller you select and actual posting of payments and may take between 48 to 72 hours from the time the payment is made by you. When we receive a payment instruction, you authorize us to send instruction to the Payment System Provider’s to debit your card/ bank account/prepaid account/card and remit payments to Billers on your behalf. However, since we have no control over when a Biller will actually process your payment after receipt, we are not responsible if a Biller credits a payment at a later date or denies acceptance of your payment. Further, if your payment due date falls on a weekend or holiday, you must submit the payment sufficiently in advance to include time for processing of the payment. It is solely your responsibility to submit payments so they arrive by the Biller's due date. Payments are subject to the policies and procedures of Billers. We are not liable (including for any penalties or late charges) for late or delayed posting of payments against your billing account either due to processing delays by the Biller or otherwise. You are responsible for paying any and all late charges and penalties imposed by a Biller.

Payment history: We do not send periodic statements showing your bill payment history. You may access information about your bill payment requests through your Buttonpay Account. You should also confirm your bill payment requests against any statements or payment records provided by the Biller and your payment source.